Our design and engineering teams worked hand and hand to bring you the highest quality ceramic vape products.

Full Ceramic Cartridges

A higher standard in medical-grade cannabis oil vaporization delivery. TPK full ceramic cartridges offer proprietary, break-through advanced inhalation technology developed with a strong focus on consumer health and safety. Dental grade ceramics are extremely effective materials as they are biocompatible, aesthetic, insoluble and have a hardness of at least 7 on the Mohs scale.

With aperture holes that can range from 2.0 to 2.2 mm, Our 3-hole design features a non-detectable heavy metal COA and includes a certified, lab-tested shelf-life guarantee. Custom logo & design options available upon request.

Mouthpiece Variety

Choose from a variety of our wood and dental-grade ceramic mouthpieces, all available in push tip, lock tip, and screw tip.  Contact us today to get more details on each.

All In One

Our all in one comes in .03 .05 and 1.0 ml sizes. We use the same dental grade materials as our full ceramic cartridges and provide a micro usb charging port on the bottom of each unit to ensure your battery will last as long as your oil does.


We supply two types of batteries; Auto draw and Low voltage.

  • Auto Draw – Buttonless 3.2v with USB Charger
  • Low Voltage – 1.6v, 1.9v, 2.4v options with USB Charger

Sample Box

Available Upon Request

Additional Services


We know first hand that unforeseen circumstances can arise while dealing with logistics and international shipping.  We offer stateside warehousing free of charge for our clients which has proven to alleviate unexpected supply chain issues.

Product Placement

An additional value add component is our ability to help our clients secure purchase orders/ product placement through our vast network of retail and wholesale outlets.  Contact us today to see what and who we can put your brand in touch with.