Our design and engineering teams work hand and hand to bring you the highest quality ceramic vape products.

Our Goals and Vision

We envision an industry devoid of toxic metals and a commitment to consumer health. We make the pledge to use the highest grade materials available and provide the highest quality hardware to both our processing partners and end users. We understand how important and valuable high quality extracts are and we believe that your hardware is equally important.

Who We Are

TPK is composed of partners that share over 25 years of experience in the cannabis space. We understand filling, capping, extracts, materials and hardware. We understand the importance of the supply chain, logistics and customer service as well. Not one of our clients is exactly the same and we strive to cater to each and every one based on their needs.

Our Story

After several years in the cannabis space, TPK began to look for an alternate device to the traditional, metal based, old technology cartridges. After several trips overseas and countless failed testing trials from over 30 + manufacturers, we eventually found an integrity-based manufacturer that shared our same demands of performance.